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  San Jose Sunrooms - Serving Santa Clara County California

San Jose Sunrooms offers sunrooms, sun room additions, patio rooms
 and enclosure prices, costs, and kits for all of Santa Clara County, California

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Curved Sunrooms
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FREE UL Approved built in Electrical System - You Save $500 to $1,000
FREE  Upgrade from a Standard 2" Wall to a Super 4" Wall ( 50% Thicker )
FREE Permit Services for Rooms Installed in California & Save $350 to $600
FREE Room Delivery anywhere in California  -  You will Save $300 to $700

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OMEGA-4 Vinyl 4" Walls To Standard Aluminum Walls
4 Times Less Heat Gain - Cooler in Summer & Warmer in Winter
4 Times More Insulation than Our Closest Competitors Glass
5 Times Less Ultra Violet - Helps to Prevent Furniture Damage
Longest Rated Dual Glass Seal [120 Years] - Prevents Mold
Omega-4 Smart Glass 90 Dual Roof Glass has 5 Times less Heat Gain
  Blocks 83% of the UV - 50% Less Glare - Eliminates Condensation
1 BTU Loss per hour compared to Aluminum 1,100 BTU Loss per hour

DURA-LITE Tempered Glass Windows, Doors & Roofs
8 Times Stronger with 2 Times more Clarity than Residential Glass
10 Times More Scratch Resistant than Acrylic & Indestructible
Lifetime Dura-Lite Glass Guarantee and is Safer for Your Family

TUFF-CORE Is Standard in All of Our Rooms
Expanded Polystyrene is the Same Material used in Freezers & Coolers
Tuff-Core 4" Wall has the Equivalent Insulation of a 8' Thick Brick Wall
Tuff-Core is Maintenance Free - Flexible - Durable & Moisture resistant

Many Financing and Payment Option Available (oac) + Visa, MC, Amex
NO Payment for 1 Year or 6 Months Same as Cash Programs Available
100% Installation Guaranty - NO Payment until after Your Room is Installed

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   San Jose Sunrooms By Cal Rooms Inc - License # 827937
   123 E San Carlos St  # 461  San Jose CA 95112


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San Jose Zip Codes That We Service:

San Jose  95101
San Jose  95109
San Jose  95112
San Jose  95115
San Jose  95118
San Jose  95121
San Jose  95124
San Jose  95127
San Jose  95130
San Jose  95133
San Jose  95136
San Jose  95141
San Jose  95151
San Jose  95154
San Jose  95157
San Jose  95160
San Jose  95170 
San Jose  95190
San Jose  95193

San Jose  95103 Sunrooms
San Jose  95110 Sunroom
San Jose  95113 Sunrooms
San Jose  95116 Sunroom
San Jose  95119 Sunrooms
San Jose  95122 Sunroom
San Jose  95125 Sunrooms
San Jose  95128 Sunroom
San Jose  95131 Sunrooms
San Jose  95134 Sunroom
San Jose  95138 Sunrooms
San Jose  95148 Sunroom
San Jose  95152 Sunrooms
San Jose  95155 Sunroom
San Jose  95158 Sunrooms
San Jose  95161 Sunroom
San Jose  95172 Sunrooms
San Jose  95191 Sunroom
San Jose  95194 Sunrooms
San Jose  95106 Sun Room
San Jose  95111 Sunroom Additions       
San Jose  95114 Sun Room
San Jose  95117 Sunroom Additions     
San Jose  95120 Sun Room
San Jose 95123 Sunroom Additions       
San Jose  95126 Sun Room 
San Jose  95129 Sunroom Additions      
San Jose  95132 Sun Room
San Jose  95135 Sunroom Additions     
San Jose  95139 Sun Room 
San Jose  95150 Sunroom Additions         
San Jose  95153 Sun Room
San Jose  95156 Sunroom Additions     
San Jose  95159 Sun Room 
San Jose  95164 Sunroom Additions     
San Jose  95173 Sun Room
San Jose  95192 Sunroom Additions  
San Jose  95196 Sun Room